06. till 10. September 2017
(Detailed Timetable will follow)

Come and witness when the 19th Nibelungen War is held to determine who has the right to yield the hord of the Nibelungs that once was sunk by Hagen. Will it be Huns or Burgundians?

So come ye all to build up your tents, take sword and axe to fight the wyvern like Siegfried did, or show your arts. Choose your side in the war and brawl for the victory in Fight, Handycrafts or let your knowledge and strategy shine. Merchants may show their goods on the Market Day and a great feast awaits you. Plus many wonderful memories.

Wir are looking forward seeing you!

Event Crew:

Event Steward
Volker Eisvogel zu Nortorf (dancevolki@yahoo.de)

Reservation Steward
Richart von Brandenburg (brandenburg1390@mail.de)

Head Cook
Gunnhild von Brunswick (Ehlers.Jeanette@gmail.com)

Open – Interested? Write the Event Steward

Game Mistress
Barbara von Krempe

Busy Bees
We are always in search for help on different tasks.
Interested to help? Write the Event Steward